Performing Arts

Performing Arts Term 4 Overview

The focus for term 4 is all about Media Arts. Students from Prep to year 6 will have the opportunity to explore all avenues in this exciting area.

There will be voice recording, animation, mini movies, news presentations, film clips and newspaper articles. Students will be immersed in the art of performing in front of cameras and the creativity of all the work ‘behind the scenes’.

The integrated topic that each level is studying in their classroom program will be used as the basis for the media unit within Performing Arts.

Prep students are looking at forces and will be creating a mini news item that will be recorded.

Year 1 and 2 students are focussing on mini beasts and will be creating a mini documentary on the beast of their choice.

Basic machines are what the year 3 and 4 students are studying. In Performing Arts, they will be working on a recorded information report in movie form.

The year 5 students will be undertaking a documentation project that will follow a subject and evolve into a short movie.

Year 6 students will be working solidly on their graduation items and composing a group song.

All in all, term 4 will be an exciting term that looks at integrating the performance aspect of Media Arts.


Term 3 Overview Performing Arts

The focus in term 3 is all about Drama. The Prep students concentrate on expressing themselves through movement and voice. There are many stage directions involved in Drama, so these students are learning to respond to specific instructions.

Year 1 and 2 students are focussing on responding to stories read out to them. They aim to embody the characters through their movement and voice while taking into consideration the setting and other characters. Year 1 and 2 students also work on group cohesion through the use of team building games.

Students in year 3 and 4 are learning about ‘Characterisation’. They study both real and imagined characters and work on mimicking voices, emotions, movements and behaviours. In pairs and in groups, these students prepare dialogues and scenes to present to their class. At this level, students are also required to critically assess their own work as well as that of their peers.

Year 5 and 6 students are working on ‘Improvisation.’ They are faced with many activities that promote quick thinking, reactive acting, creative ideas and plausible outcomes. Improvisation activities help to build up confidence, and are beneficial when actually faced with performing for an audience.



This term we are undertaking MUSIC. This entails recognising and playing musical instruments and singing. Students from Prep to Year six will play and perform using the musical instruments. They perform individually and work co-operatively in groups to produce works to perform before the class.  Many children have great skills in playing musical instruments and they share their talents. Year 3/4 continue to play the recorder. This term, on Wednesday at lunchtime we have FOOTSCRAY NORTH YOU’VE GOT TALENT when the children come to the meeting room and perform and are judged by Junior School Council members.  At the end of the term students are presented with trophies and may have an opportunity to perform at the concert.

Parents are most welcome to come and be part of the audience on Wednesdays or come and share their musical talents during Performing Arts times.

Dianne Travers



During first term we will be studying DANCE. This will be undertaken by preps to year six. The preps will be working on simple dance steps and following instructions concerning movements. They will be developing the language of dance. In the latter part of the term they will work with a partner to construct simple dance steps to music. They work towards working co-operatively. The year 1/2 will be further developing their knowledge of dances and movement. They will work together in groups to construct dances -again fostering collaboration. The 3/4s will continue to learn and develop their musical skills through playing the recorder. The year 4’s will be playing more complex songs whilst the year 3’s will be introduced to the recorder. The year 3 students will receive a recorder and a scrap book in which to paste their songs. The children will continue to develop their dance steps and perform before the grade.  The 5/6’s will view dances from around the world and construct their own dances. They will learn more complex dances. They will further develop the language of dance. They will perform before their peers and give feedback to enhance performance. The students will observe that dance is an integral part of all cultures.

3 /4 students are required to bring their recorders and scrap books to their Performing Arts session:

Tuesday 3/4B, 3/4D. Wednesday 3/4A. Thursday 3/4C.