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During Semester Two, the focus will be on Printing, Construction, Modeling, Threads Textiles. Students from Foundation to 5/6 year levels will be experimenting with a variety of construction and modeling tools, materials, techniques and skills across a range of 2D and 3 D art forms.


At all levels and in all Visual Arts sessions, students will be encouraged to talk about their own artwork and the artwork of others, in order to develop an art language and verbal expression.


All students also have been and will continue to work hard on their art project in the art room for the coming up Art Show in Term Four. As well as showcasing students’ art pieces, it will be an evening and a following morning that can be enjoyed by all Footscray North community members. Further information will be provided in the very near future.


Foundation students will be exploring and experimenting with different skills and techniques in printing, modelling and construction. They will use various materials and tools to create 2D collages, 3D models and other construction activities. The students will have the opportunity to share their ideas in classroom discussions about the   integrated topics and their artwork.


Year One/Two levels students will be learning how to follow instructions and explore different types of printing, modelling, construction skills and techniques, using cardboards, Magic clay and other materials to create different art forms. They will be using various modelling and construction tools to experiment and make 2D collages, 3D models, applying texture, repetition and contrasting light and dark colours. The students will have the opportunity to describe and explain how they form or improvise their artwork based on their understanding of creating a specific artwork.


Year 3/4 students will be using a variety of materials to develop their printing, construction or modelling skills. They will be learning and applying some of modelling skills such as pinch, slab and coil techniques and will use tools to enhance their 3D objects. The students’ dolly model will be created as planned and will be refined in response to positive feedback. They will be using appropriate arts language to describe key features and/or qualities of their own and others’ artwork.


Year 5/6 students will be studying and viewing the multi - cultural marionettes and construction artwork to generate their artistic ideas. They will be modelling and encouraging the use of a variety of materials, skills, techniques, equipment and technologies to plan and create their own characteristic interpretation. The students will also be using appropriate language related to the Visual Arts, describing structure and expressive qualities of their own artwork and the work of other members of the class.


Visual Arts teacher

Thuy Dang

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A warm welcome to all students and their families from Ms Thuy Dang!

All students at Footscray North will participate in a weekly one hour Visual Arts session. Art smocks and all other art materials are provided. Parents are welcome to visit our Art room or take a look at the artwork displayed in the school foyer, before or after school hours.

In Semester One, students across the school will build their drawing and painting skills. They will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of those art forms by viewing a variety of artworks created by famous artists from different cultures. They will have the opportunity to practise and develop specific skills and techniques, using the art elements of line, colour, shape and texture. Students will discuss how their ideas, feelings and purpose are delivered.



Foundation students, will be making and sharing artworks that express ideas and feelings about themselves and their world, using primary colours, lines, marks, shapes and patterns. The students will use wet or dry media and materials to create their Visual Artwork. With guidance, the students will be starting to use arts language to talk about their artworks and explain why and how they created it.



Inspired by Aboriginal stories and artworks, the students will learn to create Visual Art works that show their ideas, observations from Aboriginal artworks, as well as their imagination and experiences. The students will be using different materials, techniques and processes to create their artwork. In discussions and responses to their own and other people’s artwork, they begin to use specific Arts language to identify characteristics such as similarities and differences.



The students will apply and develop their arts knowledge by exploring arts processes and ways to express ideas arising from Aboriginal stories and artworks. Students will be encouraged to express ideas, observations and feelings using a range of media, materials, equipment and technologies to create their artwork. They will begin to evaluate and refine their work in response to feedback using appropriate arts language. They will begin to identify and discuss how ideas, feelings and purpose are conveyed.



Students will be experimenting with and applying a range of skills, techniques and processes in Visual Arts, using a range of media, materials, equipment and technologies. They are going to plan, develop, refine, create artworks. Students will discuss Aboriginal artworks using specific vocabulary to describe the content and key features of the paintings. They identify and discuss how ideas, feelings and purpose are expressed.