Year 3/4

Term One Overview for Grades Three and Four


The 3/4 Team would like to extend a warm welcome to our students and parents/caregivers for 2017.  We hope you have had a wonderful summer break.


During the first two weeks of Term One, students will be engaged in our start up program. Teachers and students in each grade will be getting to know each other and establishing a learning community within their classroom. Students will be discussing our school values and establishing expectations and routines for their classes. They will begin to set goals and discuss how to work towards these.


Integrated Studies: “Let’s Get Involved”

Students will be looking at volunteering both within our school and the wider community.  In small groups the students will chose a charity/organization that relies on volunteers.  Through research, they will develop a poster to display around our school to create awareness with other students and the school community about these organizations.  We are also planning to raise funds for a charity voted for by the students.

Key Questions:

What are some of the groups you and/or your family belong to?

How do people contribute to their communities past and present?

How do people volunteer in our community?

What are some ways people take action?






We will be focusing on Persuasive writing and Narrative texts.

Students will be writing texts to persuade, they will work on building a clear structure that explains their arguments.  They will also practice using emotive language, rhetorical questions, strong introductions, and clear topic sentences. 

Through narrative writing students will concentrate on developing a character, who can be adapted to various settings. ‘Show not tell’ will be a major focus as the students develop their skills in using strong word choices and interesting vocabulary to create a picture in their writing.




Reading: Students will be immersed in a variety of literature types including a focus on Folktales and Fairytales. They will be exposed to a range of comprehension strategies such as visualization, prediction, and questioning, to explore their own thinking that occurs when they read.  They will also continue to work towards improving their fluency.


Spelling and word investigations will be focused on each week and incorporated into weekly homework tasks. Students will be investigating spelling strategies to assist them to spell unfamiliar words.



Our major focuses this term will be Place Value and Addition. Students will be expected to be confident in reading, writing, interpreting and ordering 4 digit numbers, or larger. Students will explore addition problems with 2 digit numbers or larger, using both written and mental strategies. There will also be a minor focus on Time and Temperature with an emphasis on reading analogue clocks and thermometers. Also we will be focusing on Data and Graphing. Throughout this term and this year, students will strengthen their knowledge of multiplication tables. 




It is the expectation that students in years 3 and 4 read for a minimum of 20 minutes each night. Homework tasks are set on a weekly basis. Students are expected to record the books they have read and the time they have spent reading each night in their school diary. We would greatly appreciate if you could monitor this and sign their school diaries at least once a week.




Ms. Sharon Smith, Ms. Lauren Vella, Ms. Sally Uldrikis, Ms Ngoc Du