Year 3/4

Term Overview - Level 3 and 4


A huge welcome back to our students and parents for 2018. We are looking forward to a huge rewarding term ahead. We extend our welcome to any new students and families to Footscray North and look forward to meeting you.


Our first two weeks will see our students help set up classroom routines as part of our whole-school ‘Start Up Program’. Over these two weeks your child will learn help establish rights and responsibilities for their learning community and set goals for the term.



We are continuing to use a FNPS diary this year, however it will also be used as a reading log and a form of communication between parents and teachers. Diaries are a non-negotiable and are expected at school everyday. You will find your child’s specialist timetable and Mathletics passwords in the back of the diary.



Students are encouraged to bring an ipad or android device to school to assist in their learning.




We will be focusing on Persuasive writing and Narrative texts.

Students will be writing texts to persuade, they will work on building a clear structure that explains their arguments.  Students will experiment using a range of persuasive devices and using evidence to support their arguments. Through narrative writing students will concentrate on developing a character, who can be adapted to various settings. ‘Show not tell’ will be a major focus as the students develop their skills in using strong word choices and interesting vocabulary to create a picture in their writing.


Reading: Students will be immersed in a variety of literature types including a focus on Folktales and Fairytales. They will be exposed to a range of comprehension strategies such as visualization, prediction, and questioning, to explore their own thinking that occurs when they read.  They will also continue to work towards improving their fluency.


Spelling and word investigations will be focused on each week and incorporated into homework tasks. Students will be investigating strategies to assist them to spell unfamiliar words and generate rules for why we use certain spelling techniques.


Speaking & Listening:

Students will develop appropriate classroom and outside voices, positive body language, active listening behaviours and developing their ability to give and receive feedback.



Our major focuses this term will be Place Value and Addition. Students will set learning goals and collect evidence throughout the unit to demonstrate their knowledge of the topic. You can help assist your child by playing games involving skip counting, adding 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers and identifying the number that comes before and after.



It is the expectation that students in Years 3 and 4 read for a minimum of 20 minutes each night. Homework tasks are set on a weekly basis. Students are expected to record the books they have read and the time they have spent reading each night in their school diary. We would greatly appreciate if you could monitor this and sign their school diaries at least once a week.


Integrated Studies

 This term we are investigating ‘Immigration’

Key Questions:

What is immigration?

Why do people immigrate?

How has immigration changed over the years?

How has different cultural groups contributed to Australia?

If your family has a story to share about immigrating to Australia, we would love to hear all about it.


If you have any questions or queries please arrange a time to come and see your child’s teacher.


Forms of communication: School diaries, Sentral Parent Portal, Facebook (school page) or Flexibuzz.



Teachers: Katy Lawley, Sonia De Simone, Sharon Smith, Sally Uldrikis and Ngoc Du