Year 1/2

1/2 Term 1 Overview 2018


Welcome to 2018. The 1/2 team would like to welcome the students and families of Footscray North Primary School to the new school year. The kids look like they have come back from the holidays refreshed and ready for stimulating year of learning ahead.


Introduction of the team

Like last year, the 1/2 team will consist of six classes. The classroom teachers are as follows:


1/2A – Nick Antoniou (Team Leader)

1/2B – Valda Grimston

1/2C – Tracy Walker

1/2D – Maria James

1/2E – Cara Booth

1/2F – Tess Severin


During the first two weeks of term, the students will be engaging in our school wide start up program. This is where students and teachers work together to set up and practise effective classroom processes as well as unpacking our school values and how they are demonstrated in the classroom and in the yard.



This term the 1/2’s will be revising and practising independent reading routines and expectations. We will also be focusing on letter-sound relationships and monitoring and self-correcting when reading.


All students will be given a reading goal in which they will need to practice during independent reading at school and a home. These goals are set with the student and teacher during a reading conference. Students are then encouraged to collect evidence to demonstrate they are working towards achieving their learning goal.


Our writing focus this term is Recount writing and Autobiographies. Students will be exposed to high quality examples of these text types and will explore the text structure and language features necessary to build students understanding of writing to inform or entertain.


For spelling we will continue to build upon students understanding of frequently used words through the Oxford word list. We will explore letter sound relationships, vowel and consonant blends with a focus on spelling investigations such as word families to develop students’ understandings.



Our Maths focus for this term is Place Value and Addition. Place Value is where students will explore the ‘value’ of each digit of a number. Addition lessons will focus on addition strategies to assist students when solving problems. Concrete materials such as Unifix, paddle pops sticks and counters will be used and open-ended questions will support students in developing their understandings of key concepts. 


Classroom routines are also being implemented where students’ build their knowledge of collecting data, exploring probability and learning about time. This will help build their knowledge of these subject areas and front load them before we explore these topics later in the year.


Bounce Back 

This term we will be focusing on continuing to explore our school values, Respect, Responsibility, Inclusion and Excellence. We will also deliver wellbeing lessons that develop students understanding of the qualities that make a ‘caring person’ as well as promoting a growth mindset where students’ realise that it’s ‘Ok to make mistakes’.



Integrated Studies ‘Multicultural Communities’.

Students will about what it means to be a part of a Multicultural Community.


Key Understanding:  

  • Cultures have traditions and social norms that guide the way they live their lives.
  • Students recognise that their local community is part of Australia and explore how different cultural groups make up the local community.
  • Students will study personal, family and local history. Students learn about their own history and that of their family, including stories from different cultures and other parts of the world.
  • Students use sources (physical, visual, oral) including the perspectives of others (parents, grandparents) to describe changes to daily life and the significance of people



Please feel free to come in and speak to your child’s teacher should you have any questions.





Nick Antoniou, Valda Grimston, Tracy Walker, Maria James, Cara Booth and Tess Severin