Year 1/2

Term 2 Overview


Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends. Below is an overview for term two.


In literacy this term the 1/2 team will be exploring the text structure and features Procedural texts. Students will learn the purpose of Procedural texts as well as how to write steps on how to make, show or do something.

We will shift our focus to Explanation texts in the latter part of the term. Students will learn how to explain, WHY or HOW some things happen or work using the correct structure and features of an explanation text.

These genres will feature in the reading, writing and oral language experiences throughout the term.

Reading is a major focus for us and students will continue to build upon their comprehension skills to assist them in comprehending and using strategies such as visualizing, using their prior knowledge, questioning, summarizing and note taking. They will work on developing their independence when working on their reading goals and will continue to collect and record evidence to demonstrate their thinking.

This term in Spelling, students will investigate the long vowel (a, e, i, o, u) sounds each week. Spelling words will be incorporated into weekly homework tasks. Spelling activities will enable students to develop and extend their vocabulary as well as use these words in real life contexts.

Handwriting practice and the correct starting points for each letter will also be done during the Writing sessions so as to ensure students are able to produce neat and legible work. 




Our major Maths focus this term is Subtraction. Students will be given the opportunity to build on their current skills though a scaffolded approach to learning. Students will also be encouraged to use concrete material such as Unifix to help embed their understanding and will also be extended by investigating different strategies to solve problems.

We will also investigate Shape as well as Time & Location.



Bounce Back 

This term we will be focusing on ‘Courage’. Students will be involved in social and emotional lessons planned around:

  • What courage is?
  • What being foolish means.
  • Everyone has fears, even grown-ups.
  • Being scared or having fears such as being of the dark, dangerous animals or Minibeasts.
  • Being brave enough to overcome our fears.
  • Learning from our mistakes


Integrated Studies ‘Sustainability’

This term students will investigate how resources are managed and how people need to work together to care for the environment (ensure ecological sustainability). Students learn that they can have a direct impact upon the condition of the environment around them.


Guiding Questions

  • How can you conserve our natural resources?
  • How can you reduce our waste?
  • How is pollution and waste harmful for our environment?
  • How do we demonstrate respect our environment?


An excursion to CERES will help students understand why pollution devastates our environment and what we can do to make a positive difference to the environment to ensure a sustainable future for all.


More information about CERES can be found at



Please feel free to come in and speak to your child’s teacher should you have any questions.





Nick Antoniou, Valda Grimston, Tracy Walker, Maria James, Cara Booth and Marcell Shoan.


1/2 Term 1 Overview



The 1/2 team would like to welcome to our students and families of Footscray North Primary School to the New Year. It has been an exciting start and it is evident that the kids have come back from their holidays refreshed and ready for a thrilling year of learning ahead.


Introduction of the team

This year the 1/2 team will consist of six classes. The classroom teachers are as follows:


1/2A – Nick Antoniou (Team Leader)

1/2B – Valda Grimston

1/2C – Tracy Walker

1/2D – Maria James

1/2E – Cara Booth

1/2F – Marcell Shoan


During the first two weeks of term, the students will be engaging in our school wide start up program. This is where students and teachers work together to set up and practise effective classroom processes as well as unpacking our school values and how they are demonstrated in the classroom and in the yard.



This term the 1/2’s will be revising and practising independent reading routines and expectations. We will also be focusing on strategies such as making predictions and visualising when reading to assist students in demonstrating their understanding of the texts they read. All students will be given a reading goal in which they will need to practice during independent reading at school and a home. These goals are set with the student and teacher during a reading conference. Students are then encouraged to collect evidence to demonstrate they are working towards achieving their learning goal.


Our writing focus this term is Recount writing and Poetry. Students will be exposed to high quality examples of these text types and will explore the text structure and language features necessary to build students understanding of the genre.


In poetry we will be learning about different poetic devices such as rhyme and repetition. These devices will be explored through range of structured and free verse poems during reading and writing lessons.


For spelling we will continue to build upon students understanding of frequently used words through the Oxford word list. We will explore letter sound relationships, vowel and consonant blends with a focus on spelling investigations such as word families to develop students’ understandings.




Our Maths focus for this term is Place Value, Addition and Time. Place Value is where students will explore the ‘value’ of each digit of a number. Addition lessons will focus on addition strategies to assist students when solving problems. Concrete materials such as Unifix, paddle pops sticks and counters will be used and open-ended questions will support students in developing their understandings of key concepts. Our lessons on time will be during our start up program and will allow students to explore days of the weeks, months of the year, seasons, school times and important dates.


Bounce Back 

This term we will be focusing on continuing to explore our school values, Respect, Responsibility, Inclusion and Excellence. We will also deliver wellbeing lessons that discuss that it is ok to be different, nobody’s perfect and self-respect. Modelling social and emotional strategies is a fundamental part of our curriculum.



Students begin to identify the importance of being an active contributor to a group. They identify the range of groups to which they and their family

members belong. They explore the rights, roles and responsibilities of various family and community members.


Key Questions:

  • What is a community?
  • Who is in our community?
  • What services are available in our community?
  • How are we safe in our community?
  • What values, rights, roles and responsibilities do we have as members of these various groups




Please feel free to come in and speak to your child’s teacher should you have any questions.





Nick Antoniou, Valda Grimston, Tracy Walker, Maria James, Cara Booth and Marcell Shoan.